A Young Child’s Guide to the Urantia Book

Nov 11, 2014 – We have a very exciting announcement to make!!!  A wonderful new resource is now available for parents who want to teach their children the message of the Urantia Book!


Back in 1993, Mary Ebben Livingston first published “A Young Child’s Guide to the Urantia Book”.  The hard copy is still available on the website of The Urantia Book Fellowship.


However, in the past few months, Mary has worked hard to create a free, updated, full-color, soft copy of this book!


Please download it here, and be sure to post any comments or feedback you may have.

Many thanks to Mary Ebben Livingston for dedicating so much of her time to creating this new version!

3 thoughts on “A Young Child’s Guide to the Urantia Book

  1. Another tremendous gift from Mary Livingston! Her work in making the Urantia Book accessible to all continues with this latest offering. This will be a classic!

  2. To all who made this valuable family recource available …. a huge thank-you. So good to see this beautiful electronic version come to life on this new website and serve the next generation. Well done, Mary!

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