Family Program

Family Values & Strengthening Program

Author: Miranda Clendening


How do we foster loving, caring, growing, thoughtful, mature individuals & families?


How do we improve our society & our world and help head toward the first stage of Light and Life as discussed in depth in the Urantia Book?

We believe families need all the help they can get in today’s environment of media misinformation, materialistic focus, social isolation & confusion. Our program helps parents to guide their families toward understanding values. This program assists each individual in discovering what values are most important to them. Who am I? Who do I want to be? How can I build a strong, resilient character and keep a positive attitude? How can I foster loving relationships?

This program is filled with exercises & lessons on different values/subjects; fun, growth-stimulating activities; & volunteer projects that keep kids of all ages, as well as parents, engaged & continuously maturing.

Truthseekers has been working with youth all over the nation for the last 10 years and we have been working with them now in the last year to develop this family values and strengthening program.

We are different from other programs because we have developed a workable method for discovering values, establishing why they are important and how to foster those Values and begin living them in our lives. Ours is a year-round supportive and encouraging program that is easy to use in your own home as well as a resource for connecting you to an expanding community of other families also using this program plus an extensive outside support system and resources. We have used teaching from the Urantia Book as well as countless other programs such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, LDS Family Teachings, Love and Logic Parenting, etc. to form this program.

Our program is designed to be customized and personally tailored (we aren’t making a lot of premade posters, flashcards, etc…we want your whole family to be as involved as possible in making visuals/props that can be kept and reviewed/looked at; which the whole family can enjoy creating – staying engaged and making memories which are brought back every time you look at them.) This is about interacting as a family, bringing you closer together, strengthening your relationships and keeping all the kids interested and involved each time.


Reason for pilot program- this program is in beginning stages and we need your help…you will help shape it and how it turns out; the more people that contribute, the more well-rounded the program will be



  • 4 Week Parent Intro
  • then start with your family at home- 1 family night per week for 3 weeks out of each month, then 1 week each month (on Sat. or Sun.)- do service project (possibly combine with other families in area that are trying program and make a service day/potluck?)


What does a parent who has gone through the program look like?- You as Parents become more confident. You will know you are helping your kids discover the values they need to grow up to be strong, self-motivated, successful individuals. Parents of this program are able to set their own conscious intentions for living the values they choose. This helps give you a life of purpose, deep meaning, and joy which affects the lives of your children every day in a very positive way.