One Page Stories of Jesus – Year 4

“The next day Jesus and the six went to call upon Matthew, the customs collector. Matthew was awaiting them, having balanced his books and made ready to turn the affairs of his office over to his brother. As they approached the toll house, Andrew stepped forward with Jesus, who, looking into Matthew’s face, said, “Follow me.” (138:3)

The story, long known as The Call of Matthew, marks the beginning of Year 4 of the children’s curriculum: One Page Stories of Jesus.

The entire curriculum consists of 5 years of lessons; 31 lessons per school year. You can start receiving the lessons at any time in the cycle. No need to “catch up.” For more information about this children’s curriculum, click: One Page Stories. This link will tell you how to sign up to receive the weekly PDFs, which are free of charge.

Here is a list of lessons through November of Year 4.


Week 1—The Call of Matthew … Paper 138

Week 2—The Peacemakers … Paper 140

Week 3—Be You Perfect … Paper 140


Week 4—Woman at the Well – Part 1 … Paper 143

Week 5—Forgive Us … Paper 144

Week 6—Alms, Prayer, Fasting … Paper 144

Week 7—The Centurion’s Servant … Paper 147


Week 8—Healing the Paralytic … Paper 148

Week 9—The Hidden Treasure … Paper 151

Week 10—Jairus’ Daughter … Paper 152

Week 11—Many Turn Away … Paper 153

Week 12—The Transfiguration – Part 2 … Paper 158

Submitted by Vicki Arkens