Through the Year with The Urantia Book

March 22nd, 2020

One Page Lessons – Through the Year with The Urantia Book
Parents and teachers can easily use these weekly lessons, which arrive as a PDF and print as a one-page handout. Each lesson presents a story of Jesus that appears in both The Urantia Book and the New Testament. The one-page handout includes a coloring picture, Urantia Book reference, story summary, and discussion questions. Lessons are designed to fill a half-hour children’s class, ages 8-12. The entire curriculum consists of 5 years of lessons; 31 lessons per school year. You can start receiving the lessons at any time in the cycle. No need to “catch up.” For more information, click here: One Page Lessons. This link will tell you how to sign up to receive the weekly PDFs, which are free of charge.