Wedding at Cana

Year 3 Lessons

September 6th, 2019

“Near at hand stood six waterpots of stone, filled with water, holding about twenty gallons apiece.” Soon, the wedding servants drew wine out of these waterpots. How this happened is the subject of the children’s lesson titled “The Wedding at Cana.” The Urantia Book gives a thorough account of what transpired that day and makes for fascinating reading.

This lesson marks the beginning of Year 3 and is scheduled for September 9, 2019. For more information about the children’s curriculum and how to sign up, click: One Page Lessons. The lessons arrive in PDF format and are free of charge. If you need a PDF with a Bible reference rather than a Urantia reference, I can provide that.

Here is a list of lessons through November of Year 3.


Week 1—Wedding at Cana … Paper 137

Week 2—The Merciful … Paper 140

Week 3—Love your Enemies … Paper 140

Week 4—Visit with Nicodemus … Paper 142


Week 5—Give us This Day … Paper 144

Week 6—The Persistent Widow … Paper 144

Week 7—The Nobleman’s Son … Paper 146

Week 8—Man with a Withered Hand
… Paper 148


Week 9—Parable of the Leaven … Paper 151

Week 10—The Hem of His Garment … Paper 152

Week 11—The Bread of Life … Paper 153

Week 12—Peter’s Confession
… Paper 157

Submitted by Vicki Arkens